Synthetic Fluorite

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This is an artificial fluorite cut in the shape of an octahedron.

Researchers in Japan worked hard to create artificial fluorite to produce high-performance camera lens, because fluorite has less chromatic aberration than glass.

Artificial fluorite is significantly clearer than natural fluorite, and it changes color in response to the light source.

It is a product and a stone at the same time, born from the union of Japanese technology and fascinating minerals.


Direct sunlight - Transparent blue

UV light - Fluorescent blue
Of the three types, UV light fluoresces the most.


Direct sunlight - Yellowish transparent

UV light - Fluorescent pink.


Direct sunlight or LED light - Purple

Fluorescent light - Colorless or Pale green
It does not fluoresce with UV light.

Synthetic Fluorite / Japan
Approximately size and weight
SS:~20mm or ~3g
S~25mm or ~6g
M~30mm or ~13g
L30mm~ or ~33g


Do not drop it from a high place or give it a jolt.

Do not touch sharp edges with bare hand.

Do not put it in mouth.

Keep it out of small children’s reach.