We normally use Courier (DHL or FedEx) for delivery. 

For China and Asia, we send EMS (international mail).

 ●Prices do not include tariffs and consumption tax. These additional charges shall be covered by the customer.


Courier (DHL or FedEx ) 
EMS (International Mail)
Shipping time About 1 – 4 days About 2 – 7 days
Tracking service Realtime tracking (approx. 5 mins interval) Reflected within 1/2 – 1 day
Advantages - Quick and secure delivery
- Transparent logistics process
- Cheaper shipping cost
- Simpler customs clearance

-High price compared to EMS.

- Ordinary customs clearance
   (always incurs tariff)

- Could be time-consuming,
   depending on the postal  service of the destination
- Logistics process is not always transparent
- Ordinary customs clearance