Sea urchins tenugui [fivefold symmetry sea urchins]

  • ¥2,000

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The tenugui features illustrations of fivefold symmetry sea urchins.

While it looks like a polka-dot pattern, a closer look reveals illustrations accurately depicting the features of sea urchin skeletons.

The pentaradial symmetry unique to Regularia is effectively portrayed.

About Tenugui

Tenugui is a traditional Japanese towel.

Thin and quick to dry, it is a very convenient item.

You can use tenugui as a towel or hang it like a tapestry to enjoy the pattern.


* The unhemmed rims may initially ravel, but the raveling eventually stops.

* As it uses special dyeing method, the color may fade after washing or through friction. Hand wash if possible. When using machine, use a laundry net.

Size and weight
13.7" × 35.4" / 52g