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Carnivorous plant enclosed specimen “Sarracenia”

A specimen of a carnivorous plant that preys on insects encapsulated in resin.

A carnivorous plant native to North America.
The inside of the cylindrical leaf has dense hairs that grow downwards, and if an insect gets inside, it will slip off and be unable to get out.
It is said that insects drowned in the liquid inside the tube are decomposed by digestive juices and bacteria.

Polyester resin, Sarracenia

W80mm × D70mm × H150mm/approx. 1kg

- Since this product is made of polyester resin, it may turn yellow over time even in environments where it is not exposed to ultraviolet rays. Please avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it strongly reacts to UV rays and may cause premature discoloration.
-Due to the manufacturing process, fine air bubbles or dust-like substances may occur inside the product, but this is not a defective product.
-Each product is handmade by a craftsman.
- If left in a high temperature place for a long time, deformation or small cracks may occur. Please avoid using it in high temperatures such as under the scorching sun.