Rosy-faced Lovebird -green orange-

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A specimen of a lovebird feather encapsulated in acrylic resin.

The body color is green, the area from the forehead to the front thorax is red, and the lower part is bright blue, and the feathers are in various colors.
They are also called "Agapornis'' because of their deep affection for their partners, and they are popular as companion animals because they easily get used to people.

This time, we have newly encapsulated wings in cylindrical resin.
By tilting and observing at various angles, you can observe polarized light colors.

The enclosed bird feathers are made from naturally fallen feathers.

Acrylic resin / feather

Size and weight
φ23×67mm/ 33g

–About Products
Uniqueness: Packaged specimen are all sourced from nature. They vary in sizes, colors and shapes.
Air bubbles: This is carefully hand crafted. During the production process, fine air bubbles or powder like materials may occur inside , however, they are considered not defect.
Cleaning: Please wipe off by soft cloth when cleaning.
Use of chemicals: Fine cracks may occur if cleaned by solutions such as thinner or alcohol.
Temperature: Please avoid the direct sunlight or extremely humid atmosphere. They may cause discoloration or small cracks.