Prism ball

  • ¥4,800

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prism ball

Thank you for visiting Prism Ball.
Due to popular demand, prism balls are now available for pre-order.
Please note that it may take approximately 4 weeks for shipping.(2024.04.16)

The prism plays the role of separating the light emitted by the projector parts into RGB and recombining it.
Because precision is required, prisms that could not be made into components due to small scratches and chips were encapsulated in acrylic resin.

As light is diffusely reflected and converged within the acrylic, colorful light is created not only under strong light but also under indoor lights.
As you roll it, the colors will change one after another, so we recommend rolling it around in various places to observe it.

We will also send you a set of pedestals to display the prism ball, so enjoy the graphics created by the light while rolling it around or placing it on a windowsill.

Approximately 45Φmm


[Prism ball] Glass, acrylic resin
[Pedestal] Plastic

・Outer box and instruction card are not included.