Phyllacanthus imperialis (Unimaru)

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Vibrant colored sea urchin bones preserved in acrylic resin

Sea urchins are covered in spines in order to protect themselves from enemies.

But did you ever imagine that hidden beneath those spines is the most beautiful bone structure you’ve ever seen?

These unpainted, naturally colorful sea urchins have been enclosed inside acrylic resin in order to preserve the fragile bones.

Then our artisans carefully smooth them into an oval shape, providing a unique perspective from which to observe the bone structure.

This is Unimaru.



acrylic resin, sea urchin bone

Size and weight
73mm D × 73mm W × 50mm H / 194g


About this product

– Individual differences

Sea urchin bones are all sourced from nature,

which results in variations of size, color and shape.

– Air bubbles

Each Unimaru is carefully handcrafted, and during the production process,

air bubbles or powder like material may occur inside the oval. This is not considered a defect.


– Cleaning

Please wipe with soft cloth when cleaning.

– Use of chemicals

Thin cracks may occur if cleaned with solutions such as thinner or alcohol.

– Temperature

Keep away from direct sunlight or high temperature to avoid discoloration, or cracks, and keep away from sources of fire.