• ¥5,500

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The word “Hoshi", meaning star in Japanese, is the stainless steel stand. By using Hoshi, the product could display the charm of Sola cube to the next level. The stand can also be use as a pen stand or a simple display for dried flower. The product comes in Hoshi (S) to match the 1.6in Sola cube and Hoshi (M) to match with the 2.0in Sola cube. Hoshi is created by TOOP design works, a design studio specializes in interior and art product located in Osaka, Japan. The product is made with laser cut stainless steel, and mend it together one by one.

Stainless steel

Size and weight
Hoshi (M) 2.4in D × 2.4in W× 2.4in H / 58g