Actinophyrys sol

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Exploring the world of microbe.

The many strange yet intriguing forms of the microorganism, which we could not see through our daily lives, can now be put in front of our eyes with Sola cube Micro. Sola cube Micro, is a three-dimensional portrait of the microorganism, laser crystal engraved into a high transparency optical glass cube. We have worked with graphic designer to create the three-dimensional models of the portraits, by using accurate microscope photos. The two dimensional view through the microscope can now appear in three-dimensional form in front of your eyes. Enjoy the moment of gazing upon the mysterious beauty giving by the wonder of nature, with Sola cube Micro.

The hunting sun
Actinophyrys sol

A species of protozoa that can usually be found in lake or pond. The word “sol" meaning “sun" in Latin, and the name suggested the shape of its body is like a flaming sun with the needle-like axopodia extending from its body. Actinophrys often attaches to the bottom of the water and stays still without moving. The axopodium that extends from the body serves as a trap and Actinophrys feeds on smaller microorganisms. The body contains a nucleus in the center of its body surrounded by many vacuoles.

High transparency optical glass

Size and weight
2.0" D × 2.0" W × 2.0" H / 300g