Lycopodium clavatum

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【Usagi no nedoko Kyoto Store 10th Anniversary】

Lycopodium clavatum, also known as Usagi no nedoko, has long been popular in Japan.

Usagi is the Japanese name for rabbit.
Nedoko means living space in Japanese.

The origin of the name is not clear, but it is thought that the fluffy leaves and stems of the rabbit may have been used as a cozy living space for the rabbit.

We named our little store "Usagi no Nedoko" with this thought in mind: "We want to create a cozy space for our customers as well.

Enclosed specimen of Lycopodium clavatum, the origin of Usagi no Nedoko.

*About Gift Wrapping Please consult us if you prefer it to be gift-wrapped. Because of its size,

it may require a wrapping method different from other products.


polyester resin / dried plant

Size and weight

5.3in W × 1.0in D × 5.3in H / 580g


–About Products Uniqueness: Packaged plants are all sourced from nature. They vary in sizes, colors and shapes. Air bubbles: Each products is carefully hand crafted. During the production process, fine air bubbles or powder like materials may occur inside the cube, however, they are considered not defect.

–Handling Cleaning: Please wipe off by soft cloth when cleaning. Use of chemicals: Fine cracks may occur if cleaned by solutions such as thinner or alcohol. Temperature: Please avoid the direct sunlight or extremely humid atmosphere. They may cause discoloration or small cracks.