Paramacrobiotus kenianus

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Exploring the world of microbe.

The many strange yet intriguing forms of the microorganism, which we could not see through our daily lives, can now be put in front of our eyes with Sola cube Micro. Sola cube Micro, is a three-dimensional portrait of the microorganism, laser crystal engraved into a high transparency optical glass cube. We have worked with graphic designer to create the three-dimensional models of the portraits, by using accurate microscope photos. The two dimensional view through the microscope can now appear in three-dimensional form in front of your eyes. Enjoy the moment of gazing upon the mysterious beauty giving by the wonder of nature, with Sola cube Micro.

Egg of water bear, the ultimate survivor
Paramacrobiotus kenianus

Tardigrades, or water bears, have more than 1200 species. This work is based on morphology of one tardigrade species Paramacrobiotus kenianus egg. Although tardigrades require at least a film of water surrounding them to be active, they dehydrate and enter into an ametabolic state called "anhydrobiosis" when they encounter dryness. Tardigrades in the anhydrobiotic state can live for several years without nutrition uptake and tolerate vacuum, extremely high pressures, massive doses of ionizing radiation, and wide range of temperatures.

High transparency optical glass

Size and weight
2.0" D × 2.0" W × 2.0" H / 300g