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Fireflies dancing in the stream.
Stars twinkling in the night sky.
They have a most beautiful moment when the surroundings are enveloped in darkness.
Flownighte is also one of those things.

This artificial crystal glows faintly in the dark.
You can observe the glow by leaving it in a bright place for half an hour and turning the surroundings dark.
It also glows brighter when exposed to stronger light, such as from a mobile device, even for a short time.

Darkness directs the light, and the light colors the darkness.
By appreciating the light, you will be able to recognize the existence of darkness again.

Created by by Satoshi Aoyama


Size and weight
Diameter 20mm / 7g


*The brightness of the phosphorescence depends on the viewing situation. Also, as your eyes adjust to the darkness, the brightness you see will gradually change.
*Please be careful that children and pets do not accidentally eat this product.