prizm stone

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prism stone

A prism is an item used as a part of a projector, and it plays the role of separating the irradiated light into RGB and recombining it.

Among the prisms that could not be made into parts due to chips and scratches due to the high level of quality required, we used a technique called ``barrel polishing'' to process prisms that could not be made into interior parts due to larger cracks or chips. Finished with a shining glass stone.

The prisms polished by barrel polishing have an appearance similar to sea glass, and the uneven and varied shapes also look like natural stones.

Ordinary prisms and prism balls transmit light and draw colorful graphics on walls and shadows, but prism stones diffuse light, so colorful light dwells inside the glass.

Enjoy the gentle light that dwells in the glass from various angles.

Approximately 22mm
There are variations in size and shape for each individual.

Approximately 20g
The size will vary for each individual depending on the degree of chipping.


・Outer box and instruction card are not included.