Sola cube Side Table

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About Shipping


 Sola cubes are carefully produced, one by one, by the hands of craftsmen, and delivered to customers only after inspection to very strict standards.

At the same time, however, we have mixed feelings about the fact that we cannot always sell all the Sola cubes that we make, because the cubes contain a tiny bit of dust or air bubbles that are not even visible at a glance, or because the plant is slightly misaligned with the center of the cube.

Our Sola cube Side Table is created by putting together 36 Sola cubes that do not meet our exacting product standards using acrylic resin, to form a tabletop. We also make a special stainless-steel frame to support it. Since they convey the beauty of natural objects, we don’t want to throw out these slightly flawed cubes and burden the natural environment.

Instead, without reservation, we offer to the world a product of a richly individual natural and sculptural beauty, imbued with a craftsman’s spirit.

The Sola cube Side Table is one of our uncompromising products.


Product outline



 This tabletop features a random combination of 10 or more different

 Sola cubes.

 Please note that you cannot choose the contents of cubes.



 This tabletop combines dandelion and a second kind of Sola cube in a

 checkerboard pattern. You can choose the contents of the second cube.


Material : Acrylic resin / Dried flower

Size : 30cm x 30cm x 4.3cm ( 11.8” x 11.8” x 1.7”)

Weight : 4,500g




 A stainless-steel surface with mirror-finished.


 A stainless-steel surface plated with pure gold.

 (Gold is coated with pure gold plating.)


Material : Stainless-steel (SUS304) 9 mm (0.35”)rect.

Size : 30cm x 30cm x 30cm

Weight : 2,150g



 The inside of the tabletop contains impurities,

 such as dust and air bubbles.  

 Since the plants are natural, they all vary in appearance. 


From order to delivery

 We start making your table as soon as you have placed an order and made payment.

 It generally takes approximately two months from receipt of payment to shipment of product. If you select “Checkerboard”, please specify which

 Sola cube you wish to combine with the dandelion cube. 



 We ship all deliveries by EMS (Express Mail Service).


Returns and exchanges

 Returns and exchanges are not allowed under any circumstances.

 We cannot accept cancellation after your order.