DENSHIRO Light Base kaku

  • ¥10,200

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Light base made of cherry bark ware, a traditional Japanese craft.
The product was made by DENSHIRO, a company that makes and sells cherry bark ware.

DENSHIRO has been working with the natural material of cherry bark, and making cherry bark ware since its foundation in 1851.

Cherry bark is an eco-friendly material as it will regrow after being harvested. Cherry bark ware mainly have two different kinds of finishes: the one is "SHIMOFURIGAWA", that retains the appearance of the raw bark ; the other is "MUJIGAWA" whose surface is thinly scraped to a polish.


'Light Base' is a 'light source' that houses light in what you put on.

Just put the things you found on the trip or place your favorite materials on and light up.
As an accent to moderate the night, you can enjoy it on the table, entrance hall, hallway, bedroom and so on.

Since the light source part does not have any heat, it is safe even with materials that are sensitive to heat.

How to use

It turns off automatically in 8 hours after the switch operation, so even if you forget to erase it will not drain the battery too much.

Rechargeable batteries are built in and can be charged via a commercially available microUSB cable.
About 150 hours for weak point light only for one charge, about 40 hours for strong lighting only, about 70 hours for fluctuation lighting only.

During charging, the LED slowly blinks at intervals of about 2 sec and will turns off when charging is completed.
Charging is completed in 4 to 6 hours when charging is done from the state where the battery is completely exhausted.


Button: Weak - Strong - Fluctuation on - Off
(Automatically turns off in 8 hours)

Size: W65mm x D65mm x H20mm

Material: oil finish natural wood
ABS, acrylic

Light source: LED (color temperature: 5000K, 3000K)

Power supply: Built-in AA rechargeable battery x 2
(Can be replaced with commercially available AA batteries)
Battery life: per charge
Light on for about 150 hours
Strong lighting about 40 hours
Fluctuating lighting about 70 hours
The number of times the internal battery can be charged 2100 times
Weight: about 110 g (including built-in rechargeable battery)

Accessories: User Guide
(MicroUSB cable for charge is not attached)

※ Intact natural wood has individual differences in grain and color.
※ If you use a battery other than the included battery, you can not charge with Light Base.
※ USB cable for charge is not attached.
Commercially available micro USB cable can be used.