Subtle Intimacy #41

  • ¥14,400

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A plant has residue of the artist’s reminiscences towards each places.

Each glass art piece contains a plant collected by the artist in various places across the world.



The plant was sandwiched between two sheets of glass panes and fired it in the kiln to retain and preserve the original shape and essence.


The organic matter incinerated, the minerals left behind white ash, and the moisture contained within each plant remained as air bubbles trapped between the sheets of glass.


The glass art piece comes with a special paulownia box.

There is an inscription of the location where the plant was collected on the internal surface of the lid.


Extend your thoughts to the life story of the plant – where it grew, how it was collected and became an artwork.


Glass work by Rui Sasaki


In the park at Mt. Utatsu in the rainy season 


Size and weight
W120mm x H130mm / 200g


*Please handle your glass pieces with care.