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The name fluorite comes from the fact that it glows like a firefly when heated.
Fluorite has a property called "cleavage" that makes it easy to break in a certain direction, and when force is applied it can be formed into an octahedral shape like this one.
It is a mineral that comes in a wide variety of colors, and you can enjoy the layered gradations of hues such as green and purple.

Acrylic resin, Fluorite

 D13mm × W53mm × H53mm


・Each product is handmade by a craftsman.
-Due to the manufacturing process, fine air bubbles or dust-like substances may occur inside the product, but this is not a defective product.
- If left in a high temperature place for a long time, it may become deformed or develop small cracks. Please avoid using it in high temperatures such as under the scorching sun.
・Minor cracks may appear if it comes into contact with solutions or chemicals such as thinner or alcohol. When cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth.